Attention to Challenge Seekers

Have you ever wanted to play a game intended to make you want to break your keyboard beyond repair?
Have you ever wanted to get mad at a guy made of basic geometry?
Do you happen to like FNF VS Dave and Bambi?
Well, look no further than Expunged’s Unfair Platformer!.. well, the demo, at least.
There are some secrets to be found, so get lookin’!
Hint: try going under the starting platform
Hint 2: wall jumps are kinda glitchy
Hint 3: so is jumping under solid platforms
The full game will be released whenever I can afford the Personal plan because I need more storage space.

No, but I do recommend your game for that! :upside_down_face:

Why do I have to jump with the shift key and not with the arrow up key?

You’re doing a good job! Sorry to hear you can’t go on now. :cry:

Does your project have a lot of checkpoints that you no longer use?

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Good point. I’ll fix that later.

Yes, it does.

You can fork your own project and delete your current project, because checkpoints use a lot of space. I understand this is not an ideal solution, because your links and things like that will no longer work either.

I will ask @yaustar if he can add some storage to your account when he is back from holiday.

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Ok. Thank you, and thanks to @yaustar in advance.

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The game has been forked and all unused checkpoints have been successfully removed, thanks to @PhilipJeffrey . In fact, more unfairness has been added over the past several days!