Attaching weapon to bone (problem with FBX)


I am having an issue with attaching a weapon to a bone in the editor.

  1. Import character model - scale looks good
  2. Import animation, apply to model, scale looks good
  3. Import weapon, scale looks good.
  4. Attach weapon to bone - scale of weapon is now 100x too small.

The issue appears to be related to one of the parent bones having a scale of 0.01 - but I cannot see anywhere in Maya where this would be set. I have tried exporting in units of both meters and centimeter to no avail. In the test project (see below) - I have manually scaled the weapon (the capsule) to 100x after it was attached to the bone. It is a clone of the capsule on the left. As you can see (if you run the level) - the scaled capsule, even though it is 100x the original size, appears to be the same size as the source entity it was cloned from.

A test example of the project can be found here:

NOTE: I can see in the JSON a scaling factor on one of the bones - 0.01 - but I have no idea where it could be coming from?

Well i had that problem too, i had to rescale one of my weapon 40000 times :smiley:

LOL - that’s not in the least bit comforting. :wink:

I know but that’s why i have 2 model one that i use to equip and one that i use to drop. I know it’s annoying but that was the best solution i found.

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Fair point - I am interested in trying to work out why this occurs though. There seems to be a similar problem in Unity and Unreal - so I am not sure how specific the issue is with PlayCanvas (although each engine exhibits slightly different behavior).

Well i think the point is that who works with graphic usually don’t know much of coding and vice versa, often you find low poly models with very large textures, but in this case would be nice if the scale of bone can be modified or used in code to rescale the model attached.