Assigning textured material to object

The answer to my question might be quite trivial, but I’m really stuck…

I’m trying to visualize a frog in PlayCanvas. I can assign a material to this frog, making the frog green (with the diffuse settings). Now I’m trying to actually map a texture to the frog (of reptile skin), which I do by setting an image under the diffuse settings. However, this makes the frog go white.

Applying the same material to a model of type sphere/box/capsule etc does work, so I’m guessing the texture mapping doesn’t work for my frog-model…? Is there a way that I can make my frog actually have a texture?

Thanks in advance, Steven

It is hard to tell without seeing the project. Did this texture come with the model or did you get it else where?

The texture is an image from google, I tried to make a material of it myself:

If the model and texture are from separate sources, it’s unlike they will match up correctly. TL;DR the texture has to be done in a way that matches the UV layout of the model.