Assign different materials in another scene to a model changes the materials in all the scenes

If I have a model used in two different scenes and when I changes the materials in the other scene, the original scene gets those materials as well, is there a toggle somewhere in Play Canvas to allow that to happen?
Typically we’d program that, but I don’t have the code in and its making testing options a bit of a PITA

If you place a model in your scene you can choose Entity Materials on the model component to override the materials used on the model only for that Entity:

Gonna try that now

Is there a tutorial on how to use that? I have to swap 20 to 30 materials for this house and I am finding it really tough to assign to materials the way it seems to work. I can’t drag and drop to the model from a folder

Wouldn’t this be better as a toggle per copy or scene?

Maybe make the object an instance with it’s own material assignments by ticking a checkbox?
Right now it’s not very flexible for complex FBX models.

I am hoping i am just doing things wrong because it’s not super practical for more complex entities.

Once you have the model in the scene, click on ‘Entity Materials’ as Vaios has shown above.

Now click on the materials that you want to make unique for this entity and you will end up with this:

At this point you can drag/drop a new material to that ‘slot’ to ‘override’ that material for that entity.

If you have 30 mesh instances per model, I can see how that would be quite time consuming for you. @whydoidoit Maybe this can be another feature in your extension?

That’s how I have been doing it, okay, I’ll add my 2 cents as a feature request :slight_smile:
The entity I am working with has 20 materials not named for humans because databases :slight_smile: