Assets store improvement

Please improve the assets store there is multiple issues and inconsistencies
first things first add an ability to upload and sell assets like models, sprite sheets, textures, music and more next please make it actually work it always said no projects and that makes it impossible to use. also pls at least add tons more things to the store it is literally useless unitys store is huge and that’s amazing please make these priority i know lots of people need this improvement

While we would love to get the infrastructure for the asset store to a similar level as the Unity store, unfortunately, doing so will take away time from adding more awesome features into the Editor and Engine.

What we are more likely to do is to update the default offerings of the store, some organisation and fix the bugs that you currently have.

As alternatives, you are able to copy and paste scene entities and assets from any public project to another really easily

And we are looking to implement some functionality to make it easier to have a shared codebase and assets between projects as described here:

Can you post a screenshot of the project list when you get this error please? I can add it to the Editor repo as a bug to look at


In the meantime, we have a thread where you can get range of assets such as music, models etc here: FREE 3D models, sprites, icons and sounds for your games! 🎉

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i saw that bug a decent while ago so i didn’t know it was fixed and i never touch the assets store since there is very limited models there but there isn’t a bug so sorry