Assets not showing

I’m new to playcanvas and whenever I click the Perspective and Camera view I can’t see my assets. All I can see is skybox, but if I press bottom, left, right, left, back, I can see my assets.

Your camera is at:

All your objects are around the origin point.

Your camera is nowhere near the other objects and therefore outside of the far clip plane.

Move your camera closer to the origin

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thanks! it worked for the camera view but why does it not work for Perspective view? Can’t see my assets in perspective view… when I launched it, all I can see is the ground

What do you mean by perspective mode?

Maybe this?


@ALEXANDRA an easy way to get the selected camera to focus on your models, is to select that entity in the hierarchy on the left and then press Key F.

The camera will try to focus on that entity.


Got it, thanks!!

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