Asset Store with scripts, shaders and gameplay bundles...etc

I noticed that the playcanvas store only offers 3d models. I see a lot of potential on this engine and it would be great if you could develop the store into a more complete platform that allows for developers to sell things like plugins, scripts, shaders, development packages… etc. More like the unity asset store where you can find almost anything. This would certainly boost the community!


exactly we should be able to put assets on the store for other people to use and purchase, we should also be able to have templates on there and shaders

I support this, but you must also realise that there is not as many Playcanvas devs like there is in Unity. The devs are already working very hard to give us what we have and it would be hard for them to implement big luxurious requests. If only the community gets bigger in the future (which I think it will) then we can expect to see updates like these :slight_smile:


Yea! Definitely. The dev community is pretty small right now, I believe that having this kind of store would be beneficial for the platform since a monetary incentive could boost interest and attract more devs, and those devs promoting their assets would also be promoting playcanvas indirectly. More devs using playcanvas translates to more tutorials, help, documentation…etc. With more of these, the engine will be more friendly and approachable for newbies which in turns boosts adoption.


yeah get @Yaustar on this this is needed for the future of this game engine

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this is an improvement that is very much wanted by plenty of users, and it’s a way to get more users on this platform

Short term, there are no plans on allowing sales and user uploads to the store due to the amount of work needed to build and maintain a store and content. Right now, there is more focus on bringing more features to the engine and editor such as Shader Graph Editor, WebGPU, ‘sub repo’ like version control support, animation state graph improvements, etc

With ‘sub repo’ like version control and being able to copy and paste assets from public projects, we are also questioning if the store is the right place for a lot of the default content from us and looking at potentially better ways to show and discovery content like this. We don’t know what this would be but it is in discussion in the background.

What I would also like to do is better our offering of starter projects such as a more feature FPS starter project, perhaps a driving game etc.

It is also worth mentioning that a lot of our users that are using PlayCanvas commercially aren’t on Discord or the forums so what people see on the forum isn’t representative of our whole user base.

We are currently working with a number of these developers to provide talks on how they use PlayCanvas which helps us in the promotion and knowledge sharing department.


Is it possible for us (community) to pitch in to this? I think the community working together to create a really robust fps script with a nice physics simulation (like threejs pointerlock controls) would be really beneficial for everyone wanting to start a fps game. Since the current one is really basic I would really like to be help and be involved with what I have found and learnt about this.

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I agree with this! Allowing us to provide tutorials, examples, templates…etc. The reason of why I began this topic was because it was really hard to find an implementation of a virtual joystick, the ones in the extended FPS were not what I expected. I created a standalone joystick and I thought that it would be helpful for others and uploading it to a store as a free asset would be great. But a repository of community freebies could do the work in the meantime.

Yep, our documentation and tutorials pages are all public and people are free to make PRs against it

We recently had Colyseus write a tutorial for their multiplayer service.

If you make this into a standalone public project, people can copy and paste it into their own projects.

We’ve had users do this and post in the showcase section of the forums. We may even ask you for permission to share on our project samples area in the tutorials.

I have a working improved fps script that I made improvements, and combined other projects from. It still needs some tuning and bit more improvement (like handling ramps, stairs, better camera strafing, gravity simulation etc) is it possible to work with a playcanvas dev to look at it, make improvements together and then make it public?

Probably best to post on the forums to get more general feedback from the community and team

that would be an amazing idea if that really came to life

Does Snapchat invest on PlayCanvas at all? You guys need many more devs ;_:. There’s so much to do and I hear a lot that you have limited resources. I wanted more editor features like the animation timeline, but even something like this is not deemed important enough and it’s on the backlog because the focus is on webgpu, glb import and other stuff, which are all important, but for animation timeline to be on hold there aren’t enough devs T_T

They do and we’ve been recruiting since Jan this year (see this newsletter PlayCanvas Newsletter - We're hiring! 🔍)

We should have a few more team members onboarded come the next few months as a result of that recruitment.

We still a bit of a ‘debt’ to clear through first and are considering open sourcing the editor frontend to allow other developers and teams to contribute too.