Asset Store improvements: Orbit Camera Controls, Custom Assets

First of all thanks for the continuos work on the store, it is already a great time saver!

One question (and maybe potential for improvement):
Currently we arleady have the orbit-camera-Script in the store, but the control scripts have to be added manually (mouse, touch). Could they be integrated as well? My suggestion would be to add them to the Orbit Camera script directly, as this asset already creates a new folder (currently with only 1 file, the orbit-camera script).

Another question concerns custom assets: As I’m currently building a kind of framework it would be handy to have the possibility to add own assets to the asset store. Mabye a user could have a kind of “asset store project” which defines the assets which are added to his/her asset store. I use a similar workflow already (where I manually copy the assets over) but as the asset store is directly integrated it would make sense to maybe think in this direction, see also:

Greetings and nice Weekend!

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Hi @Rechi,

Both are good suggestions! Regarding the orbit camera script I usually use the one provided in the engine repo. It includes all script types in a single script file. It may be a good suggestion replacing the version in the Asset Store with that one?

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Hi @Leonidas, thanks for your reply. As far as I can tell this file doesn’t work with click events, and therefore needs the mouse-input.js as well. Or am I missing something here?

Hi @Rechi,

Taking a look at the file that was linked, the mouse input scripts are all included in the same file. You will have to manually assign those scripts to the objects in your scene, but they can definitely reside in the same file.


Ah, multiple scripts within 1 file, sorry my fault. Thanks for the clearification!