“asset.ready” never firing

I want to load my assets dynamically and set the materials after loading. For this I wanted to use the ready function to run a code after the asset is loaded. My programm goes into this ready callback for preloaded assets, but never for assets that must be loaded. Is there some kind of timeout? My assets are about 2MB. I can’t find any othe failure.

    // load asset by name
    var toolAsset = this.app.assets.find("myAsset.json", "model");
    // wait till asset is loaded
    toolAsset.ready(function(asset) {
        _myInstance.model.asset = toolAsset;
        // Do more...

var toolAsset = this.app.assets.find("myAsset.json", "model");
Here you are finding the asset but not actually saying to load it.

This sample has an example here: https://developer.playcanvas.com/en/tutorials/loading-an-asset-at-runtime/

(Note that the material and texture asset have preload unticked in the editor.)

Thanks for you’re hint. I assumed, that the asset will be loaded automatically by calling it, cause if I use this part _myInstance.model.asset = toolAsset; out of the ready function it’s been loaded properly. I will have a look at the example.