ASSERT FAILED: Cannot find morph target with name: 0

logged on to Playcanvas this morning and was met with this runtime error (many):

Cannot find morph target with name: 0

The cause seems to be a bug related to shape keys / morph keys in the engine update that was done on Friday. Much appreciated if this can be fixed!

Hi @Astra - would you have a project / repro steps for this? Are you setting weights by calling MorphInstance.setWeight function yourself, or are you playing an animation controlling the weights?

It’s likely related to this change:

hmm… the bug appeared over the weekend (no changes on our end), so if that change was in the version update, that seems likely.

The assets that break are simple models made in Blender with bones that drives shape keys on the model. They have been imported into playcanvas as fbx files and auto converted to glb files. We use the animation state graph and play a single animation on loop that contains bone movements driving both shape keys and normal movement.

I can make a new project to reproduce the bug and link it here.

Yes, it’s likely related to the engine release to the Editor on Friday. If this blocks you, you can temporarily use the previous engine version (in Editor->Settings->Editor).

Please do create a repro if possible. Feel free to create an issue here directly too, that way you will be informed of the updates: Issues · playcanvas/engine · GitHub

thanks, yeah reverting the version removes the error.

Here’s a clean project with only one asset that has the shape key error.
The icososphere that jumps are supposed to deform aswell using a shapekey (strange looking deform). However instead it just produces a number of errors:
Example project

Thanks, I’ve created an issue as well: