Artifacting with Basis compression

Hey all, I’m attempting to use Basis compression for the textures after previously using Legacy.

I’m compressing my main diffuse texture with the following settings

This is the (desired) result BEFORE compression:

And this is the result of turning on compression, nothing else:

@yaustar I’ve added you as Read Only to a stripped down project as discussed on discord!

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Basis on the left, uncompressed on the right:

Looks like the the texture is flipped :thinking:

@slimbuck Any ideas on this one? Added you to a forked project:

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@davidpox Try compressing now. For ‘some reason’ it is now fine. We are investigating what that ‘some reason’ is.

@yaustar Still experiencing the same issue on both sample and main project :thinking:

David can you give me read-only access too please? user slimbuck


Thanks. The issue is related to the TGA source texture. Our backend isn’t flipping the TGA correctly before compressing. Just delete the TGA source and the compressed texture will be taken from the JPG instead (which is correctly flipped). Sorry about this!!


Forgot to add that we will fix the underlying issue on our side and the above is a workaround till the fix is deployed.

Seems to be all working after removing the TGA source files, thanks so much for the quick support!