Article: Creating a DOOM-inspired horror aesthetic with PlayCanvas

I made a short horror game using PlayCanvas last week for the Newgrounds July 2021 game jam (the results aren’t out yet but lots of great feedback so far :crossed_fingers: ). I just put together an interactive article describing all the techniques we used to get a stylized DOOM-inspired aesthetic:

As you scroll through the article, it adds each technique that is described in real-time, so you can scroll backwards/forwards to toggle the effects to see their impact, or move the camera in the scene to see how that particular effect looks on the walls vs the monsters etc:


I hope this writeup is useful to others! It was also a fun experiment to use a PlayCanvas scene controlled directly by an article/tutorial like this. Makes me thing it would be really useful to explain computer graphics techniques having them implemented in PlayCanvas, and then you can peel off the different steps easily or show the contents of the different rendering stages etc in your article/tutorial.


Very well presented, many thanks for sharing this guide @OmarShehata !

Thank you so much @Leonidas ! I appreciate that a lot.

I also wanted to say I’m happy to hear any feedback on better ways to do things (for example I only realized you could override shader chunks while writing this article, and I had initially went through a lot of trouble of creating custom materials to get the lighting to behave how I wanted).

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Yeah, I think what you did in the end is the optimal way right now (I am doing something similar for heavy duty shaders).

If you haven’t check this out as well, you can opt in the beta:

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Awesome, really loved the ‘snapshots’ of the games progress in the article

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Could I get the link to the horror game?

I believe it’s this: Death's Clutch