Arendia update

hey, i know i already posted abbt this game, but i recently made a forum for it and updated it with other people and i want people to see the game easier
forum for game:
please rate both, i would love to get positive feedback from other developers

ALSO, if u like the game and would want to play it in the future, would u please create an account on the forum, the first 10 members are getting badges in the website and i want to make a community for the game

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:smile: so cool

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mob vote for my game.

vote ending:

what mob do you want added first?

  • pig
  • cow
  • wolf
  • sheep

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link to game:
forum page for game:

@yaustar these are about entirely different things, why did you fuse them?

It’s the same project so updates should stay in the same thread

the next vote will be in the forums page for it next time!

i can join plz

Alright, please enter your username, your skills and give an example of your scripting


mon competene et de travailler et coder

Hi @yascamer97 and welcome! Please keep the conversation in English.

je ne sait pas parler englais je suis francais

mais comment faire pour rejondre

You can use Google Translate for this.

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ah ok

how to join plz