Are You Hackers?

since I’ve shown my Game here I’ve got some strange LockInns…
from some ‘Player’ I’ve recived multiple Logins at the same second
up to 200 hundrets a second. There are no signs they pressed a
single Button inside my game (Yes i can see Your Stats)
So what are You doing?

Could be web crawlers? Could be worth adding rate limiters to the API

yeesh sorry i accidentally hacked your game along with the fbi data base sorry :slight_smile:

for some reason when i try to login in as an existing user it just becomes a black screen

when creating an acount You’ve to do all steps (choose location, buy 3 Herbis, buy farm and house, and get first equipment) then a secret key will be generated. Accounts without this key will be deleted to prevent from robots.
But … there should be shown an error ‘Player doesn’t exist’ :frowning:

Due to a 16MB limit to each scene, I’d to split the game into multiple scenes. So these scenes share the same scripts, While working on one scene I may crash another, resulting into a verry bugy performance … sorry for this