Are there any resource available to help creating next source-only game?

After giving it some thoughts, I prefer to build my next game without the editor.
I see some advantages.
Off source there is the huge disadvantage that you can not easily edit your scene. But our next game will not really have much of a scene. Most objects are programmatically instantiated anyway.

At least, I want to give it a try.

So my question is: what resources are available for a source only approach? I tried searching this forum, but without success.

I hope there is some document or video that gets you running. That explains the basics of:

  • how to embed it in your HTML code

  • how to setup basic scene (lights, camera, objects)

  • how to attach scipts to entities

  • how to define script load (and update() call ordering)

And I ask myself if one would (when not using the editor) still use attributes. For instance to connect an asset or entity to a script.

Maybe these are somewhat silly questions, but for me coding PlayCanvas without editor is an new adventure.

It’s pretty much the engine repo ( and the examples

They contain examples of what you listed above.

The asset viewer example is good demo of a combination of usages:

There are these 4 temporary examples I have to test some WebGPU things as I develop them. Those are single file, completely standalone projects using the engine only, in a module environment. Maybe a good starting point to set up some initial framework.
You can add additional js files and import them as modules.


Or consider to see another engine-only setup: