Are air gestures possible?

I was wondering if you had a tablet on a table if you were able to control playcanvas through air gestures so people did not actually have to touch the tablet.
something like Manomotion - ManoMotion

just a crazy idea but did not know if it was possible.

Air gestures through the camera could be doable and maybe quite expensive on the CPU to do in JS. Maybe there is a WASM compiled library that could handle the RGB camera input.

There’s hand tracking here:

And a simple gesture library here:

I have previously worked with the leap motion controller using Unity and I also saw its integration with Playcanvas somewhere, that would be the best way to go for it I think:
How it works:

Their website:

Its about 90$ for the controller but it has tons of built in things in it, and its very fast.
Btw I found out this blog post ( very old ) by Will but leap motion has very advanced capabilities now, I used it 2 years ago.

This is a 2013 project, very old so if it integrated in 2013, I am sure it will also in 2020 :smiley:

@yaustar thank you I will look at those libs

@Saad_Haider I have looked at using this device with unity in the past just was seeing if there could be something done tablet level and not needing extra devices.

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