arCamera View is static lo

I have noticed that “the vision” of ArCamera in the projects of Augmented Reality remains static :frowning: .I will explain it better … When ArCamera focuses on a marker it shows entity on the screen, but if I try to move the Arcamera the marker continues to appear in the same position (I expected the marker to appear in a local position dependent on Arcamera); but the camera can move perfectly but the ArMarkers remain still in their World position, I thought I would fix it by making Armarker the son of arCamera but it did not work either

The 4 graphics above represent the scene and what arCamera can see before and after moving. and the last image represents what I would like to see

Yes. This is because ARToolkit fires events when a marker is detected, providing the marker’s transformation data with reference to a static camera at the origin:

Sure, you could render the marker at the origin and transform the camera by the inverse of the marker’s transformation matrix. But what happens when you detect a second marker in the frame? Or what happens if you can’t detect any markers?

Thank you very much @Will ,. :slight_smile: I’ll take a little, but I have something in mind to solve it. I’ll post it maybe it’s useful for someone else …

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