AR Starter Kit not working on Redmi Note 4 Pro

Hello All,
I am trying to build a new AR game in Playcanvas.

The problem I have is that I am not able to run the sample AR App of the playcanvas starter kit on my device browser.

I have a Redmi Note 4 Pro. Android Version: 7.0 /NRD90M
I tried using all the browsers along with the below links and here is what is happening.
I have not yet debugged it remotely.

Link to my forked AR Starter Kit App demo: PlayCanvas | HTML5 Game Engine
I also tried to check if I am able to access my device camera.

On chrome, when I tried the get user media link to access my camera I got the permission dialogs asking me to grant permission to access my device camera and it turned on my devices front camera.
Chrome Version: 77.0.3865.116

The same link gave me an error on Firefox stating getUserMediaError: Not Allowed Error.
Firefox Version: Firefox Lite 1.9.2(13715)

On Opera Mini: I was getting a grey screen after playcanvas preloader completed loading itself.
Opera Mini Version: 44.1.2254.143214

On Device’s Default Browser: I was getting a grey screen after playcanvas preloader completed loading itself.
Default Browser Version: V11.1.7.g

Is there any specific device or browser needed for AR?


Hi @iceherosubzero from what you are reporting it seems to be an issue with the browser not being able to access your device camera.

I’ve tried your 1st link in Chrome/Firefox both desktop and mobile and the camera was activated successfully.

I’d try posting an issue in the playcanvas-ar github project:

And also maybe troubleshoot in general HTML5/JavaScript access to the camera, it might be tricky to nail it fully for device/OS/browser combos.