AR SLAM on Windows

Is there a solution for imageless/surface tracking (SLAM) on Windows? Surface tablets specifically.

Apparently 8th Wall only supports Android /and iOS for this feature.

Hmm… I don’t know for sure, maaaaybe WebXR AR but I don’t know for sure.

Check this page on your device and browser:
Also here: you have Plane Detection demo. Check if it works.

Don’t forget to enable some flags in browser to enable experimental features, such as webxr-incubations in chrome://flags.

Also, remember: WebXR is not production ready spec, so please, do not develop commercial applications with it, unless you really know what you are doing.

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Erm. is this true? So why are 8th Wall charging for commercial licences? You mean the in built WebXR in PlayCanvas?

8th Wall aren’t using WebXR (yet). They have their own libraries.

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Okay. Understood. Thanks

They use own computer vision solution built on top of simple camera access, not on WebXR.

I mean WebXR as a general API, please research on Specs as they are Drafts: which by W3C terms means: work in progress specs. They are subject to change, and many APIs can change and have limited availability across platforms.
But if you really know what you are doing and what is needed from WebXR, and what platforms you are targeting - then sure, it is your call to use it for commercial purposes.

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