AR portal with 360 video

Hi. I’m trying to implement AR portal with 360 video on the 8th wall but I have a problem playing video only inside the portal and hiding it when you are not inside. Any tips on how I can do it?

Not sure what you mean by this? Can you give an example of the effect? Maybe a video or an image of it been done else where?

I want to see 360 video only inside the doorway (portal) and hide video when I’m outside of the portal. Basically, you see the doorway and inside 360 video playing. When you go through the doorway, you see 360 video as a sphere. Here are examples on Aframe:

I need to the same do on Playcanvas.

You will likely need to use this solution:

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You will have to handle the transition through the portal yourself but yes, the stencil method would be the way I would go too.

I will try it. Thanks for advice.