AR not loading on moblie

Hi everyone!

I’m trying to run this example on mobile:

But I get the “AR not available” message both on Android and iOS.
I have tried both published on PlayCanvas and hosted on my server and it’s all the same.

Is this a known issue or is there something I’m doing wrong?


P.S.: I remember running it a short while ago and testing it perfectly. But I don’t remember if I did anything different back then…

Hi @Drausio_Tronolone and welcome,

The demo seems to run fine on my Android phone on chrome.

On which browser are you testing it? Did you accept the requested permission the tab requested?

Hi Leonidas!

Thank you!!
There’s no request coming from the tabs for camera permission…
I tested it in two different devices. Samsung Galaxy and iPhone X.
What might I be doing wrong?

Thanks again,


What browser are you testing on?

I’ve a Samsung Galaxy S10 here and works as expected.

If you try these webcam test on your phones, does it work?

I was using Edge. I downloaded Chrome and it worked. Probably something blocking on my Edge install.
I’ll download chrome on the iPhone to see if it works too :slight_smile:


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