AR information hotspots

Hello, I am doing an educational project in AR,
I would need to make some floating points that display information when touched. It could also be with floating signs that rotate at the same time as the camera so as not to lose the point of information. It would be to be able to see the model of a skeleton, for example with the name of the bones in AR. I’ve been stuck with this for a long time and I don’t know how to do it. If someone can help me I would appreciate it very much.
Thanks greetings.

If you are using the WebXR for AR, then using the UI system in World space would probably be the easiest way to go about it: WebXR UI Interaction | Learn PlayCanvas

And how can I anchor a point in the model to a 2d screen with a line so that when the model is scaled or moved, the information points do not move?

I want something similar to this model but in AR.

Or some points inside the model that when you press them an information point is displayed.

Thank you


Hm, will have to think about this a bit more. I’ve got the start of it here where a 2D element will follow a 3D entity but I think the worldToScreen function is off when in AR because the properties for FOV are different

Alternatively, you can have 3D element points in the world that when pressed, shows information in a standard 2D screen.

I’ve updated the project to update the camera properties manually when in AR view so that worldToScreen works correctly and a 2D element will follow a world object