AR Image Recognition

I am looking to create an AR experience with Image Recognition i.e. product packaging, I have been able to create and fork projects in playcanvas that are using the hiro markers but only those markers. Where is a good place to start when looking to integrate full image tracking? I tried implementing a-frame’s HTML based image tracking but I couldn’t get it to load using playcanvas engine. If anyone can just point me in a direction that would help immensely. Thanks.

Hi @oryoung and welcome,

There isn’t, from what I know, a Playcanvas example with full image tracking. And for a good reason, right now this is too heavy to run on the web.

The ar.js library has this feature available but the quality and the performance depends on a lot of factors. Their docs indeed provide examples based on a-frame, but the API can be invoked directly most likely. You can ask on their issues tracker for guidance on how to implement this.

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