AR custom pattern bad tracking


I have been testing out the AR project demo. When I use the Hiro or Kanji markers the content tracks really well. However when I load in a custom marker the tracking is awful. Does anyone know how to fix this? Or best practice for custom markers?

Any help is greatly appreciated.


Hi @bec3d,

For custom markers I’ve found out that I’d have to play with the Threshold mode, Threshold and Tracker Resolution parameters on the arCamera script. Eventually I’ve managed to reduce jitter.


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Thanks for the reply. I will have a play! Is there a way to use “fully” customizable markers? Not sticking to the hiro margins etc.

So there is a tool for AR.js to create custom markers:

Just make sure the markers have a proper black box surrounding them.

Hey thanks,

Yeah this is the one I have been using. I have been trying to “get away” with slight color and thinner borders. But it causes issues.

Another option is to to use the matrix code markers artoolkit provides in the SDK. Those are 64 predefined unique markers that you can also incorporate on a larger graphic of yours.

Here is a useful collection: