AR / Augmented Reality / Pokemon Go

So, Unity had a big win with Pokemon Go in AR…

The WebVR stuff is awesome, but I don’t suppose there is an AR demo in the works or already available? :slight_smile:


AR nothing to do with VR.

For AR you need main thing: get video and process it to understand whats on it.
With Pokemon Go it is even easier - all you do is get Video behind, and then using gyroscope rotate virtual camera. Done.

Cool, got it working for the most part. iOS browsers don’t seem to support getUserMedia so might not support the webcam, but got it working on Android and desktop browsers (for the most part).

The next step is getting the camera stream to use the camera on the back of the Android phone instead of the front-facing one (which seems to be the default), then I’ll have my Pokemon Go type gameplay or whatever going, woo :slight_smile:

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Yay, looking forward to see work in progress :slight_smile:


I was reading in on this and was hoping for some more hints in the right direction. Let’s say i wanted to create a webGL experience but add AR to it, for example have a 3D object hover over some marker, perhaps animate it into exploded view or similar. How would I go about that?

  1. I would have to include something outside of playcanvas I guess then?
  2. Is it even possible on a mobile browser or does it need to be compiled natively as an app?


  • Björn

It’s possible on Android but not iPhone due to camera permissions.

AR.js is still dependent on three.js AFAIK but the aim is to make it independent so it can be used with any WebGL rendering library.

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