applyForce or teleport to move character?

I notice in the Tutorials we can use "teleport " to move with collision, but in the forum most people said use applyForce, which is better?

If use applyForce, i need to change the “friction” when start and stop running?

Hi @Tidus,

This tutorial for Forces and Impulses should help you with your problem.

Hi @Tidus,

Teleport will explicitly update the position and the rotation of the body, basically overriding the result of the physics simulation. Potentially you could use it per frame though it’s not recommended.

If you would like to explicitly set the position of a rigid body and control its behavior better use kinematic objects:

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Yes, but i found playcanvas’s Third Person Controller Tutorials is use "teleport " to move, so i wonder if it is a better way…

I will use applyForce to move it,but it’s so hard to control the speed of entity…

In that case you can use the linearVelocity of the rigidbody and set it directly, that’s a common way to move a physics based player controller.

Check the first person movement example on the engine repo on that: