Apply texture to template
how do I apply one of my materials to world entity?

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@Albertos that’s what I tried to do but it didn’t change

I see, probably something wrong with your model, but unfortunately I have no knowledge of that.

Any idea how I could find out? @Albertos

I have asked the team to look at it. :+1:

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Looks like the FBX you’ve imported has no materials associated with it. In your 3D modelling package, can you create a material, apply it to the model and export the FBX with the materials embedded please?

The fact that the render component has a material slot could be a bug.

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Or that there isn’t a UV map on the model. On mobile so couldn’t confirm

How do I do that? 3D modelling isn’t really what I’m good at I found this one online @yaustar

The model has no UV channel. You need to find a friend who can use 3D modelling software to help you to unwrap and texture it.

:cry: I’m the only one of my friends who likes making games… is there anywhere I can find someone to help me? @LeXXik

I think you have used Blender yourself already? You can do it in Blender.

I have it installed, but I’ve never successfully made anything @Albertos

You can download the FBX from the project below or fork the project.