Apply material to model (with texture)

Hi, I just want to apply grass material to some models from free downloaded fbx.

but sofa model and some house mesh don’t apply.

Here is my project

Is this a problem in making modeling phase?


Have you added it to the correct mesh instance?

Hi @DevilZ

This is sofa model and mesh instances, It looks added material to the correct mesh instance.

Could you share a picture of the model in your preferred modelling app?

I know little about blender.

But here is a picture

It’s really strange, colors work but not textures.

That’s what I saw as well. What image format are you using for the texture?

His texture is 512x512 JPEG. I tried my own texture which works elsewhere but it doesn’t work with his model also.

This is most likely then.

I don’t know why but it’s about UV channel

I just switch uv0 to uv1, and it’s work!

(But deer model isn’t applied texture, I think it may modelling phase problem)

thank you for reply :slight_smile:

Does the deer model use two sided polys?

Hi Jinwoo_Choi
I’m coming from another platform sorry for not giving much more detail, but this issue is about small UV map. You have to go back to 3th party software such as Blender,Max or Maya and check the UV’s. I highly recommend you apply grass material there and make sure everything is okay.

Problem:incorrect/small UV mapping

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