Apply material to model (with texture)

Hi, I just want to apply grass material to some models from free downloaded fbx.

but sofa model and some house mesh don’t apply.

Here is my project

Is this a problem in making modeling phase?


Have you added it to the correct mesh instance?

Hi @coderMACi5

This is sofa model and mesh instances, It looks added material to the correct mesh instance.

Could you share a picture of the model in your preferred modelling app?

I know little about blender.

But here is a picture

It’s really strange, colors work but not textures.

That’s what I saw as well. What image format are you using for the texture?

His texture is 512x512 JPEG. I tried my own texture which works elsewhere but it doesn’t work with his model also.

This is most likely then.

I don’t know why but it’s about UV channel

I just switch uv0 to uv1, and it’s work!

(But deer model isn’t applied texture, I think it may modelling phase problem)

thank you for reply :slight_smile:

Does the deer model use two sided polys?