"Apply All" on Templates doesn't apply all variables of Element Components


Element Components of templates don’t apply its changes to its instances and show up as “Overrides” after even after multiple “Apply All”.

This only happens for float values like Margin, Height etc. The values are very close to each other and have not been changed before. They just started to be different after other changes of the template.

This started to appear a while ago, supposingly after an editor/engine version upgrade.

Is there a workaround? Some of our templates have already 70 or more Overrides we can’t propagate or remove.

Thanks for your help.

It’s related to this ticket: Templates do not hide diffs for UI element fitMode · Issue #827 · playcanvas/editor · GitHub

The template diff shows there are changes for values that are calculated by the Editor due to other properties. eg Width is changed and not modifiable by the user if split anchors are used

Generally, this isn’t a problem because the split anchor property is saved and propagated through the template. So the width for the instances is automatically calculated and will come up as ‘diffs’.

If there is a case where this is a problem, if you can provide us with an example project and steps to repro, we can investigate.

Thanks for your fast reply. The auto-calculated values make sense and I was indeed able to apply them. I swear this was not possible before and kept a little difference.

Anyway, some values like “Priority” and “Fit Mode” are still not “apply-able”.

I can revert them one by another, but when I reload the editor, they reappear. Seems like Fit Mode is not even there anymore?

The fit-mode issue seems to be indeed the one you posted (Issue #827). I guess that’s the same for priority then.

Yes, I can’t remember what the exact is but it’s related to it being a new attribute.