Apple Vision Pro experience not working

Good day!

I wanted to test and develop experiences for Apple Vision pro. I found some examples related to it. But when I try to launch it the screen goes black for some reason after researching I discovered that we have to disable anti-aliasing for it to work. Another solution was to use use_local_engine= while launching. Vision Pro is not working in the latest playcanvas versions.

Do we have any fix for this? Any help is appreciated here.

I used these sample projects for testing:

Both of these projects show a black screen when launched.

Thanks :smiley:

We’ll be investigating this when we get our hands on the device, which we don’t have available at the moment.

The work around is to disable antialiasing.

But it seems the problem is with the Apple, not our engine, but we’ll investigate when we can.


Okay Thanks @mvaligursky