Apple recomendations for playcanvas

I’d like to know how is the mac world behaviour with 3D.
Macbook / imac / mac pro users can give us some information about use, speed, performance?
What mac is or not is recommended ?

My use ? I’d like to develop something like 3D maps like google earth.
worlds with 1 000 000 points, 1 000 000 of triangles. Texture & some lights. Etc.


I have a Mac Mini (Late 2009 Edition). It can just about run PlayCanvas, but it’s pretty cool that a 6 year old computer can still run the Editor. My iPhone 6 is far more powerful! :smiley:

Absolutely any Mac you can buy from Apple today should be capable of handling the amount of graphics data you describe.

Have you (or anybody) any data related with PC with integrated intel graphics ?
Thanks Will

I think @vaios has a 2 year old MacBook Air that has integrated Intel graphics. Vaios, how does it perform for you?

Pretty well - I do all my development on that Air works great

I’m doing all my development work on integrated graphics. Unless you’re going overboard with textures, polygons and shaders, your game is most likely to be CPU bound - because javascript isn’t the fastest thing in the world. (I have been very impressed by how fast it’s running though. I haven’t put any effort into optimizing my game and it runs really well on every computer I’ve tried)

ok. thanks everybody