App not working in Chrome

Hi everyone!

I made a VR app and testing it i found that it is not working on chrome and microsoft edge. I do not know why this is happening, as it is working on firefox.
Has someone found ths problem before? What is the solution for this?
I guess it is a problem of chrome but there has to be a way for enebling it.

i followed some guides as the following but nothing: How to enable WebVR in Google Chrome - The Ghost Howls

Thank you

@practicas_imas This is a really old post “2018”. Chrome has moved from WebVR to WebXR which is the latest.

Chrome WebVR with SteamVR not working anymore : WebVR (

WebXR not working on Chrome Desktop Windows · Issue #4709 · aframevr/aframe · GitHub

I know at one point in time that everything as far as simulation was concerned worked great in Firefox but had issues in Chrome. I have not stayed on top of recent changes.

I think I used this at one point in time.
WebXR API Emulator - Chrome Web Store (

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Hey @practicas_imas,

I’ll second what Tirk mentioned about the WebXR API Emulator. Please try installing that extension and testing your application with it. If that doesn’t work, do you encounter any messages on the Chrome Web Dev Console?