API for project info

I’m currently exploring the REST API to download apps. All the pieces of the puzzle seem to be there, except the very first one - the ability to download a list of scenes available in the project (i.e. the first thing the UI does https://playcanvas.com/api/projects/999999/scenes) so that my build system can then choose which scenes to incorporate in the build.

I tried accessing that URL directly, but apparently my API token does not have the required scope - even though obviously, it’s my project.I could obviously ape the API token from the UI, but I want to do this the “proper” way, so it can run standalone.

Would it be possible to make this API available?

That sounds like a reasonable request. We’re currently working on expanding the REST API with additional endpoints. I’ll see if this one makes sense to include with our upcoming changes.

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It took a little time, but there is now an API to get the available scenes and branches for a project.


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