Anyway to use unreal assets in playcanvas?

I found some pretty amazing asset in unreal engine store, like this one:

is there anyway I can use it in playcanvas? or I need to contact the author to export a playcanvas version for me?


Without knowing the file format of the models, its not possible to tell.

Contact the author. If it is in FBX format, it should be fine. Maybe ask for a small sample to test with (like a tree)?

thanks, and how about unitypackage file in asset store? can I import them into playcanvas?

Unity packages are effectively a zip file so again, it depends on the model formats that are included. Best advice is to ask the author. Materials will be the only part that definitely won’t work.

thanks, yep some file in unitypackage is fbx file.
but some are not, I have already send email to the author but no response yet…
by the way, there are a lot of resources in unity asset store, could be really helpful if playcanvas have a way to use them. as far as I know, game engine like layabox could directly read unity3d assets and use them.

by the way, export animation from unity to playcanvas would be more difficult right? the last time I did it by asking the author to export the animation to FBX format for me…

You can’t automatically import a complete Unreal scene in PlayCanvas, but it is a relatively easy process to transfer the meshes, materials and textures and have them rendered in PlayCanvas.

I wrote a small tutorial that outlines the most important steps:

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thank you so much, it is really helpful!