Anyway to update the editor to recognize ES6 new features, like 'class' and 'let'

I’ve noticed that things like ‘let’ and ‘class’ seem to come out as Warnings, and was curious if there is a way for the inapp code editor

Like so

But when it runs it’s no problem, like so

Not sure if it’s possible, but would be nice!

Something I’ve been doing to try to create more controlled variables, so they aren’t just all public variables and have uniqueness to them is as follows:

MyScript.prototype.myVariable = 'This Value';

Since I’ve read that prototypes are very light weight. But I really don’t know for sure, so I looked into classes and such to see what alternatives I have. More insight in this would be helpful :slight_smile:

ES6 is not supported out of the box for the Editor.

You can get rid of the warnings by using the comment in the file shown here: How to enable es6?