Anyway to export scene and import in another project?

I am outsourcing a 3d scene, and the designer finished it in playcanvas.
due to secrecy policy, I can not share my project to him, so he started a new project to finished the scene.

because it is kind of big(100+ models), moving the scene from his project to mine is kind of headache.
just wonder if there is an convenient way to export the whole scene and import it into another project? thanks!

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thanks for the help.
my problem is that the scene is only part of my project, I need to add the scene into my project. not transfer it as a whole.

You can look at loading it externally rather than trying to import it into your project. (ie Export the outsource 3D scene, host it somewhere and load it at runtime).

it is a game, so I need to import the 3d scene and put my models into it.
it is okay. if no good way, I will import the fbx and textures manually…