Anyway to convert a blend. Or gITF

Do any of you know how to convert these not using external sites? Because i know they can’t be uploaded on default

Hi @Gavin_Durbin,

You should be able to open .blend files in Blender and then export them to .fbx for usage in Playcanvas.


I made brief summary and tutorial a while back about the process of exporting models from Blender into PlayCanvas:

To answer your question a bit more directly, PlayCanvas does not support blend files yet*
I agree that would be a great feature (Another step closer or higher than BabylonJS).

Blender +2.8x ships with GLTF/GLB export addons.
Blender 2.79x and previous versions you’ll need to download a legacy compatible version, note that it’s not identical in updates.

Additionally, as I already stated in my linked post, as PlayCanvas automatically converts all compatible 3D formats to native GLB assets, it’s suggested to use FBX or some other easier to export format. Blender’s GLTF/GLB exporters are decent enough, but they’re not perfect. :-)

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