Anyone using PlayCanvas with Hololens 1?

I just saw I can nab a Hololens 1 for pretty cheap, is it still worth it to get the first version or is it too old now?

Anyone used it with PlayCanvas and WebXR AR?

If you consider something that was created 5 years ago ‘old’, by all means, it is, but personally oculus is better just use that

The Oculus Quest, while it does pass through video, is not quite the same experience. For example, you couldn’t look at a monitor IRL and still use it with the headset on but with a hololens, you can.

Yeah, but the Hololens VR has a very narrow view, which isn’t the case for Oculus, plus you’d have to be more careful about accident IRL collisions with Hololens (I know this is the case for many VRs but for Hololens, you’d have to be EXTRA careful.)

Why? You can see the real world by default with hololens?

Sure, but right now, it’s one of the few devices that can do AR. You can’t have the same experience with an Oculus Quest.

If you are playing a game, would you be checking real life every few seconds unless you really have to?

It’s a different experience. AR is not the same as VR experiences. AR is about placing computer generated items into the real world, not replacing it

Oculus Quest 2 has been supporting augmented reality games since 2021 as well, so not too different in terms of reality.

It’s quite not the same as it’s sending the real world as a low resolution video feed. While you can do some AR like work with it, there are certain things you can’t do.

Eg use real world cards as markers such as pokemon cards and have them spawn out the card

VR headset with a video feed:


Personally, I’d rather have a low res feed than this:
Screenshot 2022-03-14 12.10.47 PM

I’ll give this to you though, Hololens 2 is better

Yeah, the consideration in this was for development purposes rather than an end user device.

I did read up on the Hololens Gen 1 was sort of EOL so considering getting the Magic Leap 2 but it’s still nearly 10 times the price of a second hand Hololens 1

I’ve used the Hololens before and that narrow FoV is not _that _ bad as long as your not dealing with a large virtual environment that you would be used to in VR

I heard they cancelled Hololens 3, I think it would’ve been interesting to know what it was like…Maybe people would start actually noticing it if they advertised on TV

Is that an official statement from MS or rumors?

It still is at the wrong price point for consumers to be honest and there’s no ‘killer app’/eco system yet.

Unlike the Oculus Quest which is fantastic for the price and actively trying to build a library of apps and games.