Anyone having problems with WebVR and new updates on Nightly / Chromium?

I’ve been building a webvr project that has been running fine… until last week when it stopped working.

I assume it’s the browsers updating themselves (Firefox Nightly and Chromium).

Has anyone else encountered this and know of a way round? Either how to update the Playcanvas project or how to roll back to a previous version of Nightly or Chromium?


And chromium will not let me access even the editor, it disconnects and pops up “Cannot connect to server. Please try again later”

So if anyone has the same problem you can go back to an older version of Nightly here -
and download this version - firefox-55.0a1.en-US.win64.installer.exe
it works for me!

Be good to know of any ways to update the Playcanvas project, as going back to old versions of the browser is not ideal :sweat_smile:

You should provide more information about your problem.

What is the nature of the error.
Are you seeing an error message?
What VR system are you testing on?

Using Oculus on Windows with an NVidia GeForce GTX1080

The error that I was getting in Firefox Nightly was “No VR device found, please try again” (I think anyway, as I’ve now rolled back to a previous version of Nightly that works okay so cant check, sorry). The project launched okay, but did not “take over” the Oculus and the camera seems to just revert to world location 0.

For Chromium it tries to launch the editor and shows “Cannot connect to server. Please try again later”. I assume this is some kind of security issue (?) as when you navigate to it comes up with an error message that reads “Your connection is not private” and you have to click through a message about the Certificate Transparency Policy.

Ah OK.

So, the WebVR Chromium is built without SSL support I think so you have to approve https pages I believe.

Not sure about the Firefox issue, could be they’ve introduced a bug or could be you just need to restart the browser. I found I have to restart the browser quite often with these pre-release builds.

Hi Dave.

Now having (other!) problems with Nightly, so have gone back to trying to figure out Chromium.

Yes, you have to approve these pages but then it still wont launch the editor and just disconnects from the server. Any ideas?