Any way to reverse mask?


I need to “cut a hole” in a dimmer to highlight something behind it, any ways to do that? shaders? materials options?


You can use an image with an alpha cut out in to have a similar effect.

i want to be able to move and resize it, its should be a square :slight_smile:

Still can be an image with an alpha cut out. You can scale it up and down (within limits) to make it bigger and smaller and move it and as you need to.

If it needs to be on top of the UI, it has to be an UI element. There’s some world to canvas code on the forum to help position over an entity.

can you please expand or give me an example, i don’t get what you mean by alpha cutout, i can make material which contain a texture above it to mark the pixels on the material which i want to be transparent, something like alpha map and then the element with this material attached to will be reverse masked as i wanted but this texture i must assign, i got to keep like a 100 of them and i don’t want the unnecessary junk in the project.

Something like this. Where the white hole is, it is actually transparent. You can place this on the UI and move it/resize it as you need to.

yes, that will work!

but i’m pretty sure there is a way to do so with shaders and something called stencil buffer.

Thank you for the help!