Any version control?

So as I got it you can use version control if you use legacy scripting, is that right? Well, I want to use the latest scripting and at the same time I want to have some version control system for my project, so I will be able to roll back if something goes wrong. How can I do it?

A ‘built-in’ version control solution is due for release before the end of the year.


My strategy here is to use the PlayCanvas REST API: I’m attached to an organisation. I’ve written a script which ‘syncs’ our project on demand by automating the following (note that any paid user can do this manually to their projects, any time):

  • Trigger a build (concatenated or unconcatenated scripts as desired)
  • Wait unti the build is ready
  • Download the zipped build
  • Unzip it into my local repo

I can then review changes, stage and commit.

Note that this isn’t a perfect process - it’s ‘one way’ in respect of scenes, but acts as a backstop in case of accidental script deletion or failed code experiments.

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