Any game ideas?

So, I’m basically new to Playcanvas, so I don’t have much experience in coding, and also, I don’t have an idea for a video game. I’m currently making a movement test because movement is a essential part in games. Feel free to show your suggestions!

What kind of game mechanics do you like, shooting, exploring, building , destroying etc? Doing something along the lines of the kind of game you like will keep the interest going.

For me I love VR (and the business I work for is also interested in exploring VR) so all my projects tend to be demos with the HTC Vive in some way.

as you can see from my list

I like shooters myself, but I don’t see any games in Playcanvas that has those kind of games.
I just wish there is more game variety in Playcanvas.

Well then Derik, it’s up to you to right that wrong! get coding :slight_smile:

There are just a couple of things to keep in mind. Recently the scripting system has change to version 2.0 and the documentation is updated but many of the snippets of code you find in the past might need a little tweaking to get working.
Don’t worry it’s not as bad as it sounds and the new scripting system is very cool, you can actually code in one screen while the game/demo is running in another and see instantly the changes as you write them!

For shooters you mean shot’em up like r-type or something like first person shooters?

I will suggest: start small, and progress steadily.

There is always so much to do in gamedev, and there is even more to learn. So getting overloaded with pressure is very easy.
I would start from small and simple, but polished demo, and slowly progress and improve it as it goes.
Cool thing being in a cloud, is that you can publish as often as you want and share work in progress with community, twitter, and write dev logs. Getting feedback - is important.

Small and polished prototypes are better then big but clunky games…

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hola yo tengo una sugerencia de algun juego,si te gusta de shooters respondeme tengo algunas buenas ideas


As @max said, you should start a small game.

If you want to create a shooting game, you will image game as like Call of Duty, Gears of War…etc.
But these game are constructed by a lot of tiny game parts.
Do not rush, think about the game what you wanna create in step by step.

for Example, Here is a sample project of shooting game which I arranged.
It is very tiny TPS style shooting game.