Any Father/Child coding game?

Hi every people around the world, has anyone of you begin someting with his/her own child(s) ??

As many developpers i came first to computer with gaming culture (1st computer in 1982 , TO7/70, very uggly computer with teachers game library -_-, so boring, so i had to code myself)

My own child (9 year old) like computer games like every others one, so since playcanvas freed 3D power into browser,(the place for the futur), i m beginning into learning here & building games i want.

So am thinking about a simple fight game for example, where fighting structure would be define , but where people have to code their own character, mouvement, sfx, … to enter in arena.

here my first shoot, forked from point&click tutorial, PapaPingu move with his own script & BébéPingu follow his father with his own script

ok that very minimalist but just droped here like 5 days ago ^^

so i start this topic to gather here experiments with “show & tell” to kids/teenages about modern way to be creative by his own with open source technologies on any devices ^^