Any Example of Two player Input (two cursors at the same time)?

I just started my first game for two players on a split screen… Does anybody have a nice example for handling two cursors at the same time?
Learning from the past Ill like two include all possible inputs right from the start instead of refactoring input later on. Ill start with keyboard and mouse or shared keyboard, but I`d love to finish with two controller or controller and mouse…
I´m verry thankfull for any Link I may inspect and learn


Hi @Gurki,

I don’t have an example in mind, the way I’d approach this is have two element components with a mouse cursor graphic. And move each one of them based on the user input:

  • if input is coming from keyboard, then translate its position based on the arrow keys pressed.
  • similarly with controller and mouse.

You may have to hide the OS mouse cursor for that.

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