Anti - Lag system needed. Please help

What better way to add to a nice medieval themed game than to give it a nice landscape? Well I did, but it came with a problem. Now with the new landscape the game lags so badly I can’t even play it. It freezes like every half second. Any ideas?

I have few experience with that yet, but i know that more detailed models lead to a slow 3d refresh, if you use lots of models you have to keep the details low example fingers for hands are not necessary. A good texture can give u the same effect of a more detailed model.

This can be for many reasons:

  1. You might be doing something each update, creating loads of data, and then it is garbage collected by JS periodically leading to freezes.
  2. Your landscape number of triangles is overly too much, more than it should be.
  3. You haven’t provided a link to isolated test case with issue, so it is hard to help you out with lack of relevant information.