Animations Not applying

Hey guys it’s been a while.

Been using PlayCanvas for various applications. Have used it with animations with no problems in the past, but today I hit a wall. I use a MoCap suit to record animations which I then Rig to a characters rig and edit them in motionbuilder. So far there was no problem with that in combination with PlayCanvas, but suddenly PlayCanvas seems to be unable to interpret the animations correctly.

What I’ve gathered so far could be causes:

  • The .json File Playcanvas creates for the animations contains value like 1.78e-07, now could it be that values like this are not supported ? they are too small to be considered anyways but MB doesn’t seem to have an option to reduce the decimals.

  • When I apply the animation, my model does change, it shrinks but does not display any animation.

  • I’ve added another model to a hand-bone so my character holds something in its hands, but this was included when converting the MoCap data so the bones should be fine… But could this be a problem?

  • When I play the appliaction, I get Console Warnings telling me that several Bones (example: mixamorig_hips) are unknown somehow. It basically tells me every bone in the animation is “unknown” except the one from the model I added… Could this indicate to something ?

Any help is welcome!

EDIT: I found, that the “_interpolatedKeyDict” somehow saves my bones differntly than the node names. the animation contains nodenames like: “mixamorig_hips” but the _interpolatedKeyDict saves them as mixamorig:hips . So somehow at one place it saves them with a : and in another with _