Animations imported from Mixamo errors

For a project I used the Third Person Controller template to get started, however when attempting to replace the idle animation and add in a jump animation I get an error saying this in the browser:

After two weeks of trying to figure out what was going wrong and reverse engineering the code I still can’t figure out what’s going on. I eventually implemented the jump command by editing the player movement and animation handler scripts but when you play test it gives a “Error loading scripts. Open the browser console for details”

I’m not sure what to do from this point on and I’m seeking assistance.

Can you post a link to the project please?

I don’t get the error when jumping? Have you fixed it? (Main Scene 3)

Yes I did, sorry I didn’t inform you. However, I do have a question on how I’d be able to have the script force the full animation to play instead of cutting off.

You have a bit of code that says: ‘If space bar is not pressed, then play the Idle animation’

    } else if (space) {
        this.entity.animation.loop = false;
        this.direction = 'Jump';
    } else {
        this.entity.animation.loop = true;
        this.direction = 'Idle';

For something like jump, I would look at making a state machine so that pressing space will play the jump animation and change the state to ‘jumping’ and won’t play any other animation till it has landed on something.