Animations (from Metahuman) not working although static characters look fine


I have some fairly complex characters that were created by our 3D artist in Metahuman. I am a developer and not an artist by any means, but neither of us can figure this out.

The characters look fine when imported into PlayCanvas. The animations look fine when viewed in the model viewer. However, when animations are assigned to a character, the bones seem to get messed up somehow and the result is a pile of body parts seemingly randomly assigned. The parts appear to be moving correctly but are no longer remotely in the shape of a human.

The actual project is private by necessity but I have uploaded an example into a tutorial fork here:

I feel/hope that this must be a settings issue we can’t see due to inexperience with PlayCanvas… has anybody experience this before?!

Thanks in advance.

Hi @lucykvs and welcome,

I’m not fully sure the model is correctly exported/rigged by Unreal. For example check how it behaves when trying to move the arm bone in editor:

@Leonidas thanks for the welcome! And for your helpful feedback on this forum - great to have as a newbie.

That’s a good point. I think we will go back to the drawing board with the model and see if we can re-export differently. Seems like a very strange issue I haven’t found record of anyone else dealing with so it must be our models.

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