Animations, Clone(), and BatchGroups don't play well

I’m using @Leonidas Terrain Manager script to fill a scene up with people.
The entity being cloned has 3 animations and the idea is to randomly play one on each of the cloned entities.

The entity being cloned, is also part of a dynamic batch group, which is being cloned as well.

And this had me running around inc circles for HOURS, but the animation will only run when I remove the entity from a batchgroup. The original or the cloned ones.

I thought that dynamic batchgroups could handle animation.

Once I remove the entity from the batchgroup, things clone and animate well, but I end up with a slow scene.

Thoughts on what’s wrong?

They need better documentation on how Batching works behind the scenes so we are ablet o understand the caveats on what is possible/ not psosible.

I also thought batching woould work with Skins/Animations, but not so.

But i managed to get Skinned model animations to work after some engine code mods.