Animations are not working properly

I have animated a character using anim state graph. Not all of the animations are playing. Please help me out with the same. Sharing the link of the project here.

Please have a look at the anim state graph for the character. Issue is that the character land animation is playing before it lands on the ground. I have added the logs as well.

Hi @yash_mehrotra!


Looking at the manual, it appears that your trigger remains set to true by default.

I wonder why this option is set to false by default as this actually breaks the trigger functionality in my opinion.

Please try to use the line below.

this.entity.anim.setTrigger("land", true);

I did some quick research and by default a trigger is set back to false as soon the transition is used. With the option I suggested above it will set back to false after a frame.

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